The original tenets laid out in the original article hold true: what follows is simply 100 PS3 games to keep an eye out for over the coming twelve months spread over the next 10 pages. As you will quickly notice, numerous games are missing for various reasons, and though we toyed with the idea of publishing a supplementary series of addenda, it quickly became apparent that they themselves would run into a subsequent 100 more titles.

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Which console to buy has become increasingly more complex. It's now not simply a case of picking the one with the top games or the next generation console of the one you already have. The main consoles to choose from are the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Grand Theft Auto IV

That the gaming world's most notorious series featured a Serbian immigrant as the hero of its latest episode is a tribute to the freshness of the thinking behind the sales and headlines. Arriving in a parallel New York City dreaming of the good life painted by his cousin, military veteran Niko finds awaiting him Leadtek UK not cocktails and swimming pools, but a failing taxi business and money owed to the mob. A truly adult character in a gleefully adult game, Niko also boasts a surprisingly subversive line in anti-materialist disillusion.

Mario - Donkey Kong

One of the world's most beloved cultural icons, Mario is as much a series of attributes as a character: moustache, gaming news and more! dungarees, hat, springy jump. Created by debut designer Shigeru Miyamoto for the 1981 arcade classic Donkey Kong - and managed lovingly by his parent ever since - the leaping hero, initially known only as "Jumpman", soon won a following and a name. Almost 30 years on, he's now featured in more than 100 titles, including some of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed games in history.

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